Being Stubborn vs. Being Flexible when achieving your goals

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Being stubborn is often times frowned upon. It may seem like a negative trait to some, but it holds great power. The power of endurance. The ability to not give up. Being stubborn about what you want to accomplish in life is absolutely necessary if you want to succeed. Because, lets face it, there are going to be a ton of people out there who are bound to discourage and belittle you for the things you aspire to do. The world is quite full of negativity. This is why a sense of stubbornness is required. It helps to shut out the noise and keep you on your game. So never let go of this quality when it comes to striving to reach the top of the success ladder.
The key to balancing the stubbornness, is to open yourself up to flexibility. Things are not going to go as planned. Many times, you are going to find yourself taking a path quite different from the one you might have envisioned. Life has a way of shaping us and allowing us to fulfill our karma this way. Learn to go with the flow of this. Don’t try to fight it. This will only lead to frustration and humiliation, and ultimately take you much longer to hit the jackpot of victory. Allow change to sweep you over. It may be scary and a little overwhelming. It may even be confusing. But allow yourself to adapt. You will end up achieving far greater than what you had originally planned.
So, be stubborn, very stubborn about your goals. Never let anyone deter you. But be prepared to bend your sails in the direction of the wind. This is the key to unlocking the doors of success.

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