Karma : Becoming Aware

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Life is all about patterns. Karma works best in patterns. We repeat actions over and over again, simply because we do not learn the lesson behind what we are doing. How many people end up in abusive, destructive and painful relationships repeatedly? It happens to so many people. Over and over. But have you asked yourself why? The answer is simple. The lesson is not being learned.

Karma is not meant to punish us. As hard as that is to believe, it really isn’t. It is simply the reaction to the action that we’ve committed. If it was a positive and uplifting action, we reap pleasant rewards. If it was hurtful, deceiving and caused harm to ones self or another, we receive the repercussions of that type of action. We only free ourselves when we become conscious of our existence. Recognize the patterns. If you’ve been doing the same thing repeatedly, and are unhappy with the results of that action…change it. This is how you break the cycle of karma. Become conscious. Make a conscious and concerted effort to change. Freedom awaits.

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