13 Things Pregnant Women Must Avoid Doing

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Pregnancy is a life-changing experience. According to Ayurveda, and Vedic culture, a mother is divinely blessed to have a child, because her body provides a safe haven for a soul to enter this world in order for it to fulfill it’s karma.

This is a period of rapid transformation, which can bring upon quite a bit of stress. But if it is managed properly, pregnancy can be a truly blissful experience.

During pregnancy, everything a mother sees, hears, and experiences impacts her unborn baby. That is why, several precautions should be taken to maintain proper growth and development of the fetus.

Here are 13 things, an expecting mother must avoid :

  1. Constipating – dry, raw, and uncooked foods

  2. Vigorous, heavy exercise

  3. Excessively hot baths

  4. Incompatible combinations of food, such as sweet & sour, hot & cold, acidic & alkaline

  5. Suppression of natural urges (urination, defecation, sneezing, yawning etc)

  6. Exposure to ill people

  7.  Heavy, hot, pungent or fermented (sour) food.

  8. Any Panchakarma therapies (Purificatory / detox regimes)

  9. Sexual intercourse

  10. Exposure to eclipses (a pregnant woman should not look at an eclipse or be outdoors during the hours of an eclipse. It is considered inauspicious in Vedic Astrology, and could bring potential mental illness to the mother and baby)

  11. Excessive exposure to pollution and electromagnetic energy including computer and television screens. It is also wise to keep your cellphone away from your body as much as possible. The radiation given off will hamper the growth of your baby.

  12. Anger, frustration, and any strong emotion

  13. Alcohol, drugs and caffeine

If you would like to speak to an Ayurvedic Doctor about your health conditions, you may schedule your appointment with Dr. Sashina here. 


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