Trust your inner voice

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Trust your inner voice

So often in life, we shrug off the inner voice that guides us. When something doesn’t feel right, we usually get that little notion within ourselves to change something about the situation. But how often have we just chosen to not listen, turn a blind eye and do the complete opposite of what we know in our hearts to be correct.

When you get that feeling, pay attention to it. Listen to it. Our spirit or consciousness is that guiding force behind that intuitive feeling. It is the mind which diverts us – making us change the course of our actions. This is governed ofcourse by our karma. We are destined to do certain things in order to pay for our karmic debt. In fact, everything we do is karma. Action.

Can we change karma then?

Yes. By listening to that inner voice and becoming aware of our actions, we can change them for the better. This is how we change our karma. We’re inevitably going to experience certain things in our lives, whether we like it or not, but by becoming aware and trusting our satvic consciousness, we begin the break negative patterns. Once we break these cycles by learning the lessons life has to teach us, and fulfilling the bucket of karmic debt that we’ve carried from previous lives, we start to learn to live more fully and find true happiness.

Like it is famously stated, ‘Happiness is an inside job’. And it starts by listening to the soul within us, not to others or even our mind…but to our heart – the seat of happiness.

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