How to protect and strengthen your Immunity (Ojas) with Ayurveda

Ojas is the essence or nectar of the 7 bodily tissues (Plasma - Blood - Muscle - Fat - Bone - Marrow - Reproductive Fluid.) In Western terms, it is referred to as the body's immunity. It is far more than this however. Ojas is the binding fluid that exists in every cell of our body, protecting us continuously as we interact with other people and nature. It is often described as our body's ability to fight disease. Without this protective shield, our body is prone to rapid and severe aging, both physically and mentally. Apart from not having energy to function and perform daily tasks, we may become forgetful, absent-minded and unmotivated. Ojas is called our vital force, because it does just that - it gives us vitality, strength, enthusiasm and courage.


How to Project the Right Energy | Prana | Finding peace

How often have you met a person and within seconds of meeting them, picked up on their energy? Maybe it was something they unconsciously did, that gave you a weird sensation and made the hair on your hands stand up.  Often times, a person doesn't even have to speak to you, for you to feel … Continue reading How to Project the Right Energy | Prana | Finding peace