Trust your inner voice

So often in life, we shrug off the inner voice that guides us. When something doesn't feel right, we usually get that little notion within ourselves to change something about the situation. But how often have we just chosen to not listen, turn a blind eye and do the complete opposite of what we know … Continue reading Trust your inner voice


Karma : Becoming Aware

Life is all about patterns. Karma works best in patterns. We repeat actions over and over again, simply because we do not learn the lesson behind what we are doing. How many people end up in abusive, destructive and painful relationships repeatedly? It happens to so many people. Over and over. But have you asked yourself why? The answer is simple. The lesson is not being learned.

5 Must-Have Attitudes For Achieving Success

Success is defined differently for each of us. For some, it can come from a great financial achievement, while others find themselves happy and content with the simple pleasures of life, such as having love and security. Despite the varying definitions of success, every successful person must possess some qualities that ensure their happiness and fulfillment is long lived, and that they continue to grow. Here are 5 important traits that you must have to achieve greatness.